Ilse Jacobsen wedge rubber rain boot, ankle - black

Ilse Jacobsen
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Ilse Jacobsen wedge rubber rain boot, ankle. Developing a new and intriguing wedge rubber boot made entirely out of natural rubber, has been a journey of innovation and new technologies. A genuine creative desire to take a contemporary trend and create a totally new Iconic Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek Rain Boot. The final design is truly practical yet feminine and elegant. To make sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable, they have lined all Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots with a mixture of 60% viscose and 40% cotton. They have placed nice and warm inner soles in them, made of 45% viscose, 35% polyester & 20% poly-acrylic. Each pair of boots have a unique appearance. Was with lukewarm water and soft soap and use Ilse Jacobsen care products: sponge or silicone oil to obtain the best maintenance of your boots. Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots are ideal for outdoor activities, rainy and snowy days or as fashion boots! Made specifically to deal with wind and water. Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots can help you love the rain. Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots run large to size.
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